About Us

Ilocos Moringa Association (IMA) is an organisation to promote moringa which is processed the standards of “sustainable, organic and fair trade” in Ilocos region in the Philippines.
Moringa is very common vegetable/hearb in the Philippines since long time before
and we are proud that we have this Miracle tree : Moringa in our home.
In order to promote our original and precious product: Moringa and to ensure the quality and provide high quality moringa all over the world, we  providing the standards of growing, harvesting and processing moringa with sustainable, organic and fair trade and deliver true information about moringa for customers.

IMA`s primary Activity 
1 Deliver seminar and training for moringa low material growing and producing moringa products.
*traing of growing moringa low material for farmers
*training of processing moringa products such us moringa flakes
and moringa seed oil for companies and organisations.
*Trainng and workshop for Ilocos Moringa certified farmers, organisations and companies.

IlocosMoringa2.issuse Ilocos Moringa certification and patent license
*Certified and approved Ilocos Moringa farmers, organisations  and companies.
*Patent license of Ilocos Moringa certification logo

3.deliver information about Moringa
*Provide accurate moringa information through Home page and Social media
*Provide information about IMA member

4.CSR activity
*Nuturition Education(Syokuiku) for mothers and children who live in slum areas in the Philippines.
*Planting moringa in Ilocos region in order to contribute environmental sustainability.
*Social Enterprise Workshop for Youth. We encourage youth especially university students to starts up social enterprise with moringa.

5.Business support
*Business matching with Ilocos Moringa certified holders and buyers
*consulting of marketing, develop products etc..