CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

IMA has CSR activities in order to contribute sustainable society with Moringa.
We believe that Moringa supports sustainable healthy life with the high nutritional value and
environment sustainability with high CO2 absorption.

Our CSR Activity

<nutrition education (Syokuiku) >

We have nuturition education progra for mothers and children who live in slum areas in the Philippines.
Through the education program, we provide basic dietary knowledge and also
how to use moringa not only as one of ingredients but also as herbal medicine.
We encourage them to eat and use moringa more and support their healthy life.


<Plantting Moringa >

we plant moringa cuttings in Ilocos region in order to contribute environmental sustainability.
we pant more than 300 cuttings every year with sponsored companies and organisations in all over the world.


<Social Enterprise Workshop for Youth >

We encourage youth especially university students to starts up social enterprise with moringa.
We provide product development and starting up program not only for Philippino youth but also
other counties youth such as Japanese, Myanmar etc..